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Yearling Stable Rules

Weather and Wind

  1. Always secure the doors, whether open or closed.
  2. Remove loose cushions from outside chairs when not in use.
  3. Fires:
    • Don’t leave fires unattended.
    • Ensure that they are completely extinguished with water otherwise the wind can blow coals under the doors.


This is a farm so there will always be flies particularly after rain in summer

  1. Keep surfaces clean and put food away.
  2. Wipe sufaces with  a dilute solution of Jik (provided) and water.
  3. Use the citronella lamps provided.


Ensure that doors and windows to the sitting room are closed and latched when you are away to keep baboons out.


  1. No smoking in the sitting room or bedrooms
  2. Please put cigarette butts in the bins provided and not in the flower beds

Cleaning and Closing Up

  1. Wipe surfaces with detergent
  2. Sweep floors in the living room
  3. Take rubbish out and leave it in the rooms with the white double doors (ensuring that they are closed to keep baboons out)
  4. Ensure that all lights are switched off and all doors firmly closed


  1. Notify us of any breakages
  2. We appreciate all feedback and comments, whether positive or negative, so that we know what we are doing right and what we can do better.